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Training Session Details

Registering for a training session is easy! We use a 3rd party registration system. When you click on Registration link below, you will be redirected to our registration system. You may pay by credit card, debit card . Youth attending camp are asked to fill out the sections about themselves. We believe this is a valuable part of their personal growth. If you have any questions about the registration process email:    

 Registration & Refund Policy

White Stag Monterey Leadership Training is a 7-day sleepover experience. The low fee covers food, curriculum, supplies, and two uniform tee shirts. We are an all-volunteer, 501c3 non-profit organization. All fees are spent months before camp with 100% of the fees supporting the training program. Fees are Non-refundable. Plan your family calendar before registering. Early or Late Arrival or Departure is not available.


If you must cancel your registration, you may request a tax-deductible donation receipt for fees you paid by emailing

Pre-Training Orientation "C-DAY" Location  (Not required, but highly suggested)

Held the 3rd Saturday of May, at the Presidio of Monterey Scout Lodge

Monterey, Corporal Ewing Road, Monterey CA

                                       Search Google Maps - "White Stag Monterey, CA" (Not the 33 Soledad Drive address)

                                       Check-in  8:45 AM – Dismissal 3:00 PM, Parent Orientation:  10:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Map to

September INDABA Staff and Graduate Reunion
Come see your summer friends, youth staff, and past alumni!
Held the 3rd Saturday of September. Presidio of Monterey Scout Lodge

Plan your calendar before registering for the training. There are no refunds
Participants must complete the program in its entirety. As soon as the youth arrive, they begin bonding with the others of their small group. Late arrivals are not permitted. The program continues running until departure. It is detrimental to the individual and the others in the small group when someone leaves early or arrives late.

Summer Training - Drop Off and Pick Up

Drop off is Sunday

10:00 AM  - No early or late arrivals after 11:00 AM

Pick up is Saturday

Arrive at 10:00 AM. The graduation ceremony starts at 10:30 AM. Dismissal following graduation between 12:00-12:30.

Families are encouraged to attend graduation. It may be very warm, for your comfort, bring a chair, hat, and water bottle.

(Pick up and Graduation is subject to changes)

Map to Piney Creek

Facilities & Treks

White Stag teaches outdoor living skills. The facility is rustic in nature, and a camping and hiking experience. Participants will sleep in the outdoors in tents they bring with them and out under the stars during overnight hikes. The backpacking trek is with light-weight packs. Youth take only their sleeping bag, pads, and change of clothes. Tents stay at camp, leaving all their extra gear and clothes inside.

Youth and Adult Staff

Adult Advisors and Youth Counselors go through a structured 9 month Staff Development training. The majority of our youth and adults have served on staff for several years. Additionally, all adults are trained in specialized Youth Protection training through Boy Scouts of America. The Youth Staff have all graduated from the program. Our staff to camper ratio is about 1 staff for every 4 campers.

 What to Bring

Participants need to bring camping gear and specific clothing. For a complete list, please download the Packing and Equipment List found below.  Sporting goods stores that carry backpacking equipment can help you decide what to buy. Do not purchase expensive items. Several department stores carry outdoor gear at good prices. Rental gear is also available. Items can be purchased online, however, the participant should always try on the backpack for fit before purchasing. Hiking boots must be worn for several weeks before arrival to avoid blisters and fore toes!


Uniform Dress

Everyone wears a uniform while participating in the program. It creates a feeling of belonging, reduces distractions, and also instills discipline. Participants are required to bring tan or khaki pants or shorts. For modesty, shorts must be a mid-thigh length and not be shorter than to the fingertips with the arm hanging straight down. We provide two uniform tee shirts. Extra shirts are available for purchase during registration.

Information Packet

White Stag Session Information Pkt
Program Information - History, Groups, Skills
Dates, Times, Locations, Maps
Packing and Equipment List & Tips
Medical Examination Form

Group Discounts

We offer discounts to Scouting and other youth-oriented groups or school groups. We would love to make a presentation and offer a discount to your group members. Please contact


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