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Program Groups

Coed, youth ages 10.5 years and rising 6th grade through17 years during the month of the training.


 Phase 1 - Group Member Development

Ages 10.5 thru13 years and rising 6th or 7th grades


 Phase 2 - Small Group Leadership

Ages 13 thru 15 years and rising 7th, 8th, and 9th grades


 Phase 3 - Large Group Leadership

Ages 15 and not yet 18 years before the start of the training

Repeating a Phase

Youth are encouraged to complete a phase a second time if they are not old enough to move to the next level. Each week-long training is a unique experience. Repetition builds a more significant foundation and provides the opportunity to practice the skills previously learned while taking a stronger leadership role. We will consider requests for exceptions to the age and grade requirements for experienced youth on an individual basis.


Please contact the Program Director by emailing -

Questions about sibling discounts, group discounts, or participant eligibility, please email

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