The White Stag Challenge

2022 Summer Leadership Development Adventure

Session 1 June 19-25   |   Session 2 July 10-16

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Presented by BSA Venturing Crew 122, Monterey, CA


White Stag Monterey Mission Statement

"To enhance the quality and character of individuals and empower them to influence their communities and environment in a positive manner"


Participant Eligibility

Open to all coed youth ages 10.5 years and entering 6th grade to those not yet 18 years before training begins. No experience of any kind is required, however, the White Stag Leadership Challenge is a fun and exciting, age-appropriate, leadership training and skills development adventure. It is designed to challenge participants in areas of personal growth like confidence building, self-reliance, learning responsibility, and how to work with others. The goal is to get young people outdoors, away from the comforts of home, and away from the distractions of cell phones, the internet, and social media. They learn to rely on themselves and others in their small group of new friends as they progress through the week. The camping facility is rustic and the participants spend the week outdoors in tents and sleeping under the stars. The program is youth-led. Older youth participants that previously attended the summer program serve as volunteer Youth Staff Counselors after going through a 9-month training program. The summer program is NOT a typical free-time, fun-only summer camp.


Participants should possess age-appropriate core character traits such as a willingness to try, the ability to respect and work with others, and self-control. For the success of all participants, anyone displaying disruptive or inappropriate behaviors may be sent home without a refund of fees. For each participant's success, group placement is made by age, grade, and experience. Full disclosure of special needs and learning differences is required during the registration process so that plans for a good experience can be prepared.


Training Description and Association with Scouts BSA

Youth learn leadership skills while spending a fun, activity-based, seven-day adventure in an outdoor, overnight camping experience. The White Stag program has its roots in Boy Scouts of America, and practices Scouting principles, the Patrol Method, and the Aims of Scouting. The training is youth-led by the members of Venturing Crew 122, as an annual Super Activity. The program naturally builds confidence, responsibility, and self-reliance while making friendships that can last a lifetime. The training program is electronics-free. Kids get in touch with nature.  Fees are affordable.

The program sponsor, White Stag Leadership Development Academy, Inc. is an all-volunteer 501C3 nonprofit corporation.

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