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The White Stag Summer Camp Experience

At White Stag, participants begin their journey as "Candidates" upon check-in, embarking on a week of learning and growth. This transformation starts with a quick goodbye from parents and immersion into a unique experience.

Candidates are assigned to a small group of 6-8 youth. Each small group, called a patrol, is led by a Youth Staff leader. Candidates learn to manage and follow schedules, problem-solve as a group, and overcome hurdles. The day is filled with formal teaching in leadership techniques with specific activities that reinforce their newly learned skills. Candidates also learn and practice outdoor living skills such as cooking, first aid, knots, knife safety, wilderness hiking and safety, and map and compass reading. Evenings are filled with campfire gatherings with singing, skits and fun.

Other special evening activities foster a community spirit. Before bedtime, patrols evaluate how the day went, and each person has a chance to share their thoughts through reflection. During the week, a key element of the program is the Leadership Growth Agreement, a project applying the skills learned to community initiatives. This approach instills confidence, self-reliance, social skills, and community awareness and involvement.

The optimal experience for individuals within the patrol occurs when participants are unfamiliar with one another. This dynamic fosters maximum individual and group development opportunities. Consequently, we typically avoid placing friends or family members in the same patrol.

After graduating from Phase 2 or Phase 3 as a Candidate, the youth may apply to join Youth Staff for the following training season and achieve a higher level of leadership development.

We believe leadership can be learned


Through leadership training and development, young people will gain personal growth that will help them be successful throughout life by improving self-confidence, self-reliance, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and responsibility.

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Our camp facilities
The rustic camping facilities offer excellent opportunities for hiking, backpacking and action-filled week-long sessions of leadership development. The experience of living and supporting each other in the outdoors is perfect for personal growth. Participants learn and practice the outdoor skills necessary to live in nature. Participants will bring their own tent for this camping experience.

Join us at the White Stag Leadership Adventure for an unforgettable summer of growth, adventure, and leadership development!

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