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What is White Stag Monterey?
Leadership Development by Youth, for Youth


We believe leadership can be taught. Through leadership training and development, young people will gain personal growth that will help them be successful throughout life by improving self-confidence, self-reliance, interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and responsibility. We believe in success through the infinity principle of ever learning and ever giving back.

White Stag has been training and developing youth since 1958. White Stag Leadership Development Academy, Inc. is a non-profit 501C3, all-volunteer organization that sponsors Scouts BSA, Venturing Crew 122, and runs the White Stag Leadership Development Training. The program teaches leadership skills to youth and adults from a set of eleven specific leadership competencies.

Eleven Core Competencies Learned through the Program

The White Stag Program is dedicated to imparting a targeted set of leadership competencies to youth. Through engaging, hands-on activities, participants will embark on a journey of discovery, learning to apply established leadership skills pioneered by White Stag. Rooted in outdoor adventure, this experience serves as the bedrock of our leadership training program. It fosters confidence through participation in new challenges, nurtures emotional intelligence through collaboration, and hones teamwork and leadership abilities. Throughout the program, each participant will expand their understanding and proficiency in the following leadership competencies:

  • Getting and giving information

  • Knowing & using your available resources

  • Controlling your group’s performance

  • Understand group needs & characteristics

  • Planning and decision making

  • Managing the learning by using goals & objectives

  • Setting the example

  • Sharing leadership

  • Counseling

  • Representing your group

  • Evaluating and process improvement

  • And more!

Join us at the White Stag Leadership Adventure for an unforgettable summer of growth, adventure, and leadership development!

Pico Blanco Peak
Methods and Practices of Learning


Direct approach

Our program is dedicated to teaching youth a specific set of leadership competencies. Through hands-on, enjoyable learning experiences, your child will gain practical skills rooted in proven leadership techniques pioneered by the White Stag Program. The outdoor adventure component serves as the cornerstone of our leadership training program. It not only fosters confidence by tackling new challenges but also nurtures emotional intelligence through collaborative experiences and cultivates teamwork and leadership abilities. Each participant will develop a deeper and broader understanding of the leadership competencies presented, ensuring their growth and proficiency in these essential skills.

Infinity symbol


Evaluation is the fundamental character and spirit of the White Stag program for both participants and staff members. We uphold a continuous commitment to improvement, constantly assessing our progress and performance as individuals, and the outcomes of our planned activities. Our mantra is, "When do we evaluate? All the time!" This philosophy, known as the Infinity Principle," is one of the foundational principles of the White Stag program.

Hurdle method

The hurdle method is a dynamic approach aimed at actively engaging participants in the process of acquiring and applying new knowledge through discovery of problem-solving in the moment. Central to this method are the "hurdles," which are unforeseen challenges deliberately presented to small groups of participants. These challenges are not pre-planned and necessitate the application of specific leadership and outdoor skills. Hurdles serve as opportunities for guided discovery and practical application, fostering a desire to learn and adapt in real-time scenarios.

Patrol method

Participants are placed in a small group of 6-8 youth, that they will stay in throughout the week. Being a member of a patrol offers youth unique opportunities not easily found elsewhere. Patrols engage in diverse tasks that demand cooperation and resourcefulness in various situations. For many young individuals, being part of a Patrol marks their first experience relying on themselves and peers to achieve objectives, requiring a broad spectrum of life skills.

Similar to any team, a Patrol thrives when all members fulfill their respective responsibilities effectively. Given its small size, each member has a chance to actively contribute, leading to several positive outcomes. Contributing to the Patrol's success fosters a sense of belonging, appreciation, and competence, thereby enhancing self-esteem.

White Stag Monterey Mission Statement


'To enhance the quality and character of individuals and empower them to influence their communities and environment in a positive manner.'

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